Dolomite Templer

Rawang, Templer Park

Indulge Yourself in the private homes with the stunning view of Bukit Takun & private plunge pool.

Home Away From Home

A 45-minute drive from the heart of KL, this private 3-storey homestay has got all the necessities for a fun time. Dolomite Templer is designed for those accompany that who enjoys the stunning view of Bukit Taku and also desire for a unique fun time with their accompany. This Home comes with Full set of kitchen, BBQ , a glass house and also an arcade room. It fits perfectly for 16 pax. 

Home Overview 

Occupancy :

≤20 pax

Size :

3000 SQF Built Up

Bedding :

Bedroom 1 ( Ground Floor) -

One Queen Bed

Bedroom 2 ( 2nd Floor )- 

Two Queen Beds 

Bedroom 3 ( 3rd  Floor) -

Four Single Tatami Beds

Bedroom 4 ( 3rd Floor )- 

Two Queen Beds & One Single Bed


Plunge pool🏊‍♂️ |  Arcade Room 🕹 | Television 📺  |Shower room 🚿

Living Room 🛋 |  Smart Check in 🔐 |  E-Gaming Capsule 💻 


Internet wifi 🌐 | Fridge 🧊 | Full Kitchen 🥘  | Mahjong Game 🀄 

Pool Table 🎱 Karaoke 🎤  |  Glass House 🏡 | BBQ 🍖 


Private Plunge Pool

Chill by the poolside of our private plunge pool that overlooks the mountains. Take a refreshing dip in the morning to start your day energised or head down to the water in the evening to relax. 


Spacious Living Room

Savour the sound of chatter and laughter as everyone unwinds and connects after a fun-filled day. Dolomite Living area is one of the highlight in the house. It has been featured by many advertising company . Its definitely a great place to relax and take some selfies !


Introducing the FIRST E- Gaming  Capsule. in a Staycations!  Is a great way to show off your gaming skills and Challenge each other to the various games in our arcade, e-gaming capsule, and game box, or sing your hearts out in our karaoke room. It’s all under one roof!


Domestic Dome .jpeg

Ultimate Barbecue 

Set up the ultimate Barbeque with our fully equipped pit to have the ultimate bonding experience. You can bring your own food and drinks or opt for a hassle free experience by having us arrange the ingredients according to your needs.